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The planned location for the apartment building is a dense and somewhat chaotic structure of the Trešnjevka neighborhood, where each new construction project takes the utmost advantage of the existing urban planning conditions in terms of volume. The maximum volume of the new building that these conditions permit, considering it is in contact with the adjacent building, would potentially create the problem of a monotonous and long southern facade along a relatively narrow street with a minimal pedestrian corridor.

In addition to meeting the program parameters and maximum lot coverage, the building is aimed, with its micro-urbanism, at offering added value to its surrounding area by creating a meandering extension along the road in the form of a publicly accessible square in front of the entrance to the commercial space on the ground floor. This creates an urban unit with the entrance square of the neighboring primary school and a green zone that acts as an ambiental and sound barrier against the busy road.

The apartments are structured along two cores within a modular structural system, with rich glazing and favorable proportion ratios of the apartments. Although the façade follows the structural grid, the fragmentation of the façade and the composition of the materials give the impression of lightness and porosity, and the newly formed extension on the ground floor breaks up the monotony of the sequence.



CLIENT: private, competition

YEAR: 2021

SIZE: 8.700 m2



Nika Dželalija, Bernardica Grubišić, Marcela Ostroški, Krešimir Renić


architectural renderings - Studio Arbol j.d.o.o.

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