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scale mode of public swimming pool building
site plan of public swimming pool building
Architectual diagram urban design
public swimming pool building with entrance square, yellow ceramic facade and glass tower above
swimming pool floor plan showing sauna space, gym an green courtyard
swimming pool grund floor plan
Swimming pool interior with strip windows, skylights and green and yellow ceramic tiles
public swimming pool building sections showing skylights, courtyard and tower
scale model of swimming pool building in relationship with city avenue

The new swimming pool complex site, with the mandatory urban footprint shape, is located at the contact point of two urbanistic themes. Linearly developed space defined by the Zagreb Avenue and its large solitary buildings meets the orthogonal system of a residential neighborhood.

The neighborhood’s rotated position emphasizes the presence of another important city artery - Zagrebačka street. In this triangular leftover space, the swimming pool complex is imagined as an urban link.

The narrow east side of the site is designed as an open public square connected to the entrance of the complex. The place of the entrance also signals the access to the neighborhood from the avenue. This gymnasium tower rises above the entrance, while the office space and club administration on the top floor overlook the square and the city. The large swimming pool hall, with its scale and position, continues a sequence of public buildings along the avenue. The private and quieter program of the wardrobes, dressing rooms and sauna are oriented following the direction of the residential neighborhood. 

The structure of the roof is articulated in relation to the specific lighting, height and construction system requirements. Underneath this roof, each space develops a distinctive ambience.

The solid ceramic membrane of the ground floor consolidates all the spaces together, while at the same time suggesting a place to swim to the passerby.


CLIENT: Grad Zagreb, competition, 2nd PRIZE

YEAR: 2018

SIZE: 5.600 m2


COMPETITION DESIGN TEAM: Nika Dželalija, Iva Martinis, Krešimir Renić

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