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scale model of school building showing large slanted roof with openings and public square infront
site plan of school building showing commo areas accesible for the public
large grey slanted roof creating shade for the school entrance square
Scale model of school buildng with translucent roof overlooking the green park
school ground floor plan showing classroms, sport hall and common space
school floor plan showing classrooms and library overlooking common space
north elevation of school building showing large grey roof and glass facade
South elevation of school building showing glass facade with concrete overhangs for shading
scale model of school building showing interior organization of classrooms and common space
section through school building showing classrooms and sport hall under single slanted roof
scale model of school building with translucent roof in a green park

Linear scenarios of the school are sequentially arranged under a single elongated sloped roof. The sequence opens with a park, a safe promenade for school breaks and afternoons.

It continues with a square, a large plateau at the entrance to the neighborhood, overlooking the park and creating an outdoor common space for public and school events. Next, a covered plaza features four glass mega-screens, providing a peek at the goings on inside - a kitchen opening to the square, a dining room, a large interior meeting area, a library, a sports hall and a café.

The interior common area is an extension of the public square and the park, a space used by both the school and the neighborhood. A long corridor connects the common area to the classrooms overlooking the school playgrounds in the south, as well as specialized classrooms opening to the north, in the form of large cut out folds in the sloping roof.


CLIENT: Grad Zagreb, competition, 3rd PRIZE

YEAR: 2018

SIZE: 6.230 m2


COMPETITION DESIGN TEAM: Nika Dželalija, Iva Martinis, Krešimir Renić

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