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Aerial view of intrpolated housing building in Zagreb
Situation plan of housing interpolation in Zagreb
Concept diagram for housing interpolation in Zagreb
Segment of the building's street facade showing public ground floor and residential apartments above
Ground floor plan of housing building in Zagreb
Street view of housing building interpolation in Zagrb
Apartment floor plans
Penthouse floor plans
Segment of apartment building's facade showing balcony

The architectural and urban context of the project is the interpolation into the historical fabric of the Zagreb Lower City, a consolidated block structure with representational street fronts and quiet inner courtyards. 

Visually and in its program, the house is partitioned into two units - an open business ground floor with a driveway to the inside and a rhythmic facade of residential floors above.

The solid-void articulation of the building’s surface continues the uniform rhythm of the street facade.

Varied reflections and color shades of exposed concrete horizontals, glazed french windows and anodized forest green aluminum panels express subtle differences in perception of the facade depending on time of day and weather conditions.

The rhythm also continues on the courtyard front with the additional formation of balconies designed as meandering concrete horizontals.

The dimensions of, and the spans between the central communication core and the facade load-bearing walls, together with the optimal placement of installation verticals, make a rational system and adaptable layout for business and residential space.

Furthermore, this enables flexible positioning of bedrooms and living spaces all along the length of the facade.

The living room, dining room and kitchen with a kitchen island are designed as large unified spaces for family gatherings.


CLIENT: GWT d.o.o., competition

YEAR: 2019

SIZE: 1.874 m2


COMPETITION DESIGN TEAM: Nika Dželalija, Krešimir Renić

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