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Model of kindergarten with green atriums an courtyards
Kindergarten site plan with atriums, courtyards and public space
Kindergarten diagram showing public spaces and three typologies
Kindergarten floor plan with courtyards, atriums and public spce
Kindergarten interior image with green courtyard and kids playing
Model ofkindergarten building showing atriums and public space
Sections through kindergarten building showing common space, atrium and courtyard
Kindergarten interior showing children's room with toys and furniture looking onto green courtyard
Model of kinergarten building, showing atriums,courtyards and public space

Three houses of education. Three coordinate systems, each with its gaps and cracks. Each house is tailored to its inhabitants. Through their size, position and rotation, they communicate with the neighborhood, creating the necessary new public spaces on the perimeter of the site - a kindergarten square, a children’s park, a street playground and a green island. The youngest inhabitants occupy the mat structure, gathering within well-known forms; houses with gardens. The protected gardens are embraced by a living room, an adjoining room, a hallway and a porch. Somewhat older kids are settled in their first hotel, built in the form of a block building. They roam the common corridor and meet in their first square. These two houses overlap in the gathering hall that opens to the playground, with parents waiting in the entrance square.

In this central zone – “house for adults”, children are introduced to the world of offices, computers and grownups.

LOCATION: Sesvetski Kraljevec

CLIENT: Grad Zagreb, competition, 2nd PRIZE

YEAR: 2018

SIZE: 2.565 m2


COMPETITION DESIGN TEAM: Nika Dželalija, Iva Martinis, Krešimir Renić

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