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kindergarten with open terraces and children playing
Kindergarten site plan
kindegarten building model
Kindergarten floor plan drawing
kindergarten with terraces floor plan drawing
Model of kindergarten building with terraces
kindergarten conceptual diagram
Axonometric view drawing of kindergarten
Kindergarten interior space with green courtyard.jpg

Twelve stripes extend from the large interior meeting place towards the park, separating the social areas from the large parking lot in the north, while opening them up to the playground in the south. Considered separately, these children’s rooms evoke a familiar and playful image of an enlarged apartment. Stacked horizontally and vertically, they create shade for each other and form protected gardens and open terraces. Through these visual and spatial connections, notions of hierarchy are eschewed in favor of a social area shared between children and adults alike.


CLIENT: Grad Zagreb, competition, 1st PRIZE

YEAR: 2018

SIZE: 2.300 m2


COMPETITION DESIGN TEAM: Nika Dželalija, Iva Martinis, Krešimir Renić

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